Living Wellness Facilitator Training

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Living Wellness Facilitator Training

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World-class training for world-class facilitators. Register for the upcoming Living Wellness Facilitator Training here and educate and equip yourself to lead small groups or individuals in their pursuit of health and wellness.  No matter where you are, you can attend this training live or via video conferencing!

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Living Wellness Video Series Licensing Subscription

As a facilitator, your growth group participants will receive 48 professional, educational, and inspirational videos that correspond with the Living Wellness Growth Groups program. As a benefit, we manage the subscription for you to ensure proper timing and execution of the videos. These videos will be licensed to you for 1 year for $100/year or $10/month*. Payment due at training.

*Subscription will automatically renew unless a 30-day written notice is given. 

Walk out of the Living Wellness Facilitator Training with tools:

·    Understand the stages of change and how they apply to one’s health and wellness journey

·    Learn how to facilitate the Five Keys of Success to every participant in a Living Wellness Growth Group; Knowledge, Accountability, Mindfulness, Inspiration, and Motivation

·    Discover and teach others how to find their “root WHY,” personal motivation for lasting change

·    Understand how to set SMART goals and achieve results

·    Be mindful and teach others how to sharpen their practice of mindfulness

·    Have a proven, nutrition roadmap, knowledge, and skills to be healthier

·    Learn how to incorporate functional, happy movement (exercise) into life

·    Build an accountability structure for short & long term support