Living Wellness Live

 Living Wellness Live ~ Encouragement ~ Inspiration ~ Fun!

Living Wellness Live ~ Encouragement ~ Inspiration ~ Fun!

Ashley Darkenwald and Christina Zaczkowski are excited to co-host the brand new Living Wellness show, Living Wellness Live! We are so excited to bring you a nutrition, fitness, and faith-filled production that will be sure to leave you laughing, pondering, and wanting more! Sit back and enjoy the show OR sign up to be in the live studio audience for our next show

Episode 5, In Over Your Head with Susie Larson

Sunday, September 16th 6:15-7:45pm

Susie Larson

Do you spend your days rushing from one task to the next, frantically checking things off your list? It’s easy to become so consumed with keeping it all together that you forget to seek God’s plan for your life. He has a much better vision for you—fulfillment and peace that only His grace can provide.

Author, speaker, and radio host Susie Larson helps you find balance within your hectic life. You will learn that being at your best doesn’t mean taking on every task, and meaningful satisfaction can’t be bought with a completed to-do list. Be inspired to move past halfhearted living and second bests into a kingdom of rejuvenation, health, and eternal nourishment.

We hope this interview will help you to cultivate balance and savor moments of work and rest—both of which He has lovingly created.


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Guest Chef & Personal Trainer, to be announced! 


Episode 4 Pockets of Joy Friday, June 8th 6:30-8:15pm

Christina Zaczkowski & Ashley Darkenwald have an amazing show for you this June! Meet our guests!

Roxane Battle

Roxane Battle is a veteran television journalist, award-winning author and mom.

Roxane will share insights from her memoir, Pockets of Joy, published nationally in 2017, which became an Amazon best seller in three categories: Single Parenting, Divorce and Motherhood. 

Roxane is full of inspiration and encouragement and she's excited to share her story with us!  


Fitness Pro: Jennifer Menk!

Jennifer Menk is the Senior Director of Health and Wellbeing at the YMCA of the Greater Twin Cities, where she provides leadership to Group Exercise, Group Training, ForeverWell, Reformer, and other wellbeing programs for the 25 YMCAs in the association. 

Jennifer strongly believes in whole life wellbeing, including the health of one’s Body, Mind and Spirit and incorporates a holistic approach to wellness in both her personal and professional life.


POUR! Wine Bar & Bistro Chef

POUR! Wine Bar & Bistro’s founders Phil & Diane Lutgen know how to make amazing creations in the kitchen. People often asked “why a wine bar?” Their love for a great glass of wine and a delicious dinner makes them say “why NOT a wine bar?” 

Their chef from POUR! will be preparing their incredible cornbread waffle that has a vegan and gluten free base (chia seeds as a substitute for the eggs which are filled with healthy fats and fiber!) and their smoothie bowl with house made gluten free granola! 


Episode 3 Dare to Jump

Have you been living a certain way for so long that change seems hard, if not impossible, to imagine? Join speaker and author Stefanie Peters as she dares you to jump into your dreams! In our candid interview, we'll tackle health and wellness related topics, as well as other not-yet realized dreams. We'll get some practical tips from Stefanie on how to take the leap!

Our other guests include TV contributor, Carisa Rasmussen, with Clean and Lean, and Kelley Suggs, owner of Lithe Wellness Solutions. 

Carisa is going to lead a workout with our live audience, demonstrating how to make safe and positive additions to our fitness routine. 

Kelley is whipping up some delicious comfort food in the kitchen. We've dared her to take a couple classics and make them even more delicious and healthy.  You won't want to miss this show!


Episode 2 Achieving your Goals

Please enjoy the second episode of our new show, Living Wellness Live! The focus is on achieving your goals with Amy Larson Peterson. We also feature a guest from the fitness/medical industry Dr. John Arns and a guest in the kitchen, Living Wellness Facilitator Bill Evans!

Watch the full episode here!







Episode 1 Freedom in Health

Ashley Darkenwald and Christina Zaczkowski are excited to co-host the brand new Living Wellness show, Living Wellness LIVE! We are so excited to bring you a nutrition, fitness, and faith-filled production that will be sure to leave you laughing, pondering, and wanting more!

In this first episode, we tackle what it means to experience freedom in your health. Nutrition and fitness shouldn't be chore to check off the list. Watch our show to find out how you can experience more freedom today!


Living Wellness Show


Living Wellness Show, Episode 1

Our guests for our first non-live show are impressive!

David Ellis, author of Losing Dad Finding Father

Rick Santiago, pastor and group exercise instructor

Ashley Darkenwald, co-host and guest chef


Thank you for your interest in being part of the live studio audience for Living Wellness LIVE!

Please read the following policies carefully:

If you or any of the people in your party are unable to attend, please let us know as soon as possible so we can fill those spots in the audience. 

Please review the following guidelines before the show date so you’ll know what to expect.

Thanks again…we look forward to seeing you in the audience!

Dress to Impress!

Solid bright colors photograph best. Please do not wear solid white, black or elaborate patterns. Absolutely no hats, sunglasses, costumes, shirts with logos/writing, shorts, or casual tank tops will be permitted.

The studio is usually kept at a cooler temperature so please feel free to bring a sweater or layers to stay comfortable.


Studio Location

Living Wellness LIVE is located in the inFIT/Anytime Fitness Building (South side of the building. Door furthest from Fantastic Sams):

6589 Laketowne PL NE
Albertville, MN 55301




All audience members must be 16 years of age or older. 


Studio Policy

Cell phones are permitted but must be turned on silent during the live show. We encourage you to take pictures during the show and tag us on social media! Our tag is @4livingwellness on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter.

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6:00PM-6:15PM: Audience Coordinator will greet you and give you a few tips on being a great audience.

6:15PM-7:45PM: Get ready for fun…you will be part of the studio audience of Living Wellness LIVE!