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The Founders of Living Wellness


Ashley R. Darkenwald

Ashley Darkenwald, MS, CPT, PES, loves pizza! And ice cream with peanut butter, and chocolate chip cookies. Years ago, Ashley realized that she was addicted to sugar and junk food nearly her whole life . . . and has paid the price with weight struggles, allergies, adult acne, and joint pain.

Ashley started a journey to discover what it means to live a balanced, abundant life full of colorful nutrition, functional fitness, and deep spirituality. Ashley is passionate to share her health secrets with everyone! With more than ten years as a certified personal trainer and as an award-winning author, business owner, and mother of three, Ashley continues her journey of lifelong learning with her newest exciting book Living Wellness for Growth Groups!

Dawn J. Brommer

As it turns out, being a successful CEO doesn’t necessarily mean knowing how to nourish and care for your body. In fact, in the business world, nourishing your body can take a backseat to the well being of your company.

Dawn is now a health and wellness advocate and brings a unique perspective from the family dinner table to the boardroom table.

The Living Wellness Team

Julie Journal Bio pic.jpg

Julie Frandsen

Julie has the desire to encourage, equip and empower women and teens in their health and wellness journey. 

Julie encourages new group members to celebrate the small stuff and to discover their true motivations as they embark on their Living Wellness journey.


Marc Hanson

Marc loves discovering new healthy meal options with his wife and son. He's excited to be part of the Living Wellness team and also to be discovering God's plan for his family's health journey.


Caitlyn Hanson

Through the Living Wellness Blog, Caitlyn is passionate about sharing her health journey, recipes (including gluten-free), and wellness tips with others to empower them to seek God's design for their health: body, mind, and spirit.



Christina Zaczkowski

Christina Zaczkowski

Christina discovered her passion for seeking out the meaning of “an abundant life” in the area of health and wellness when she immigrated to the US in 2010. Read more here.

Carrie Ohnstad

Carrie Ohnstad

Carrie enjoys sharing healthy ideas for both mind and body. With God’s loving guidance, Carrie hopes to empower positivity and strength in all areas of life for those around her. She is so excited to be part of the Living Wellness journey and family.




Nicole Anderson

Nicole is a certified personal trainer and group exercise instructor. She has one beautiful baby and another on the way! Nicole loves to inspire people to look at whole body wellness. 



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